BPG 9450

BPG 9450 Ring Type Joint


Ring type joints are solid metal gaskets and available in different materials and designs.



RTJs are used in conjunction with grooved flanges in high pressure applications predominantly in the upstream Oil & Gas industry and valves. The mostly used RTJ design is Style R with oval and octagonal section. Both style R and RX can be applied for 6B flanges. Selected sizes of RX and all BX rings incorporate a pressure passage hole which balances the pressure on each side of the sealing faces. Due to its special design BX is resistant against much higher-pressure and designed for the use in API 6BX flanges.

Operation Parameters

DesignPressure Class (ASME B.16.5)


Product Specifications

StandardsASME B16.20, API 6A
Standard designsBPG 9450-ROV,  BPG 9450-ROC, BPG 9450-RX, BPG 9450-BX
Materials304, 316, Soft Iron and special alloys


  • Robust and reliable sealing solution for demanding high pressure applications
  • Very good tightness because of solid metal material
  • Easy installation 
  • Certified product quality for maximum safety and reliability


Data Sheet BPG 9450

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