BPG 7829 Solar Set


BPG 7829 Solar Set is made of a unique combination of next-generation engineered components in an innovative configuration to withstand the harsh requirements in molten salt applications. The special bottom ring protects the sealing set against aggressive or oxidising media, while the top of the set is additionally equipped with a metal cap to protect the set against the atmosphere. The core of the set features an advanced sealing material composition supported by intermediate, mineral-based high-temperature barrier discs, which create a reliable low leakage sealing solution.


BPG 7829 has been especially developed as a sealing element for high temperature and corrosive resistant valves used in molten seal applications. These high temperature valves are currently in use at Concentrating Solar Plants (CSP) where molten salts are being used as a substitute to conventional heat transfer fluids, such as heat transfer oils and steam.

Operation Parameters

Speed2 m/s
Temperature–200 … +600°C
pH Value0 … 14
Pressure30 MPa

Product Specifications

MediaMolten salt, oxidizing media and other chemicals


  • Top ring with metal cap

  • Oxidation protection against atmosphere

  • Engineered compound rings 

  • Dry lubrication at temperature and protection against media

  • Mineral based discs between sealing rings

  • Barrier against media permeation

  • Special bottom ring

  • Protection against aggressive media


  • Data Sheet BPG 7829

  • Installation Instructions

  • Technical Information Packings


Sealing challenges in the solar power industry

Solar power is one of the fastest growing renewable energy segments world-wide with its unique sealing challenges. The applications are characterized by a combination of high temperatures and very aggressive media. In this field traditional material selections reach their limits and only advanced materials and designs help end-users sealing molten salt systems effectively.

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