BPG 6445 Damper Gasket


The special engineered packing is made from high temperature resistant glass core overbraided with stainless steel wires and para-aramid corner reinforcement.



This product is especially designed for the use in butterfly dampers for exhaust gas treatment. Butterfly dampers equipped with BPG 6445 are typically used in scrubber systems on ships and other exhaust gas treatment applications. The design of the packing allows good sealing performance and excellent flexibility while the packing structure provides high resistance against wear and abrasion at the same time. BPG 6445 is also resistant to chemical attack and corrosice environment.

Operation Parameters

Temperature–50 … +550°C
pH Value3 … 9
Pressure5 MPa


Product Specifications

MediaExhaust gases, neutral and dry gases


  • High flexibility
  • Wear and aprasion resistant
  • Good sealing performance
  • Long service life
  • Good cross sectional stability


BPG 6445