BPG 9451


BPG 9451 Corrugated Metal Gaskets (CMG) is made of a corrugated stainless steel insert with a flat graphite foil layer applied on each side. The CMG gasket provides good resilience.



Due to its high compressibility and good resilience, BPG 9451 is suitable for thermal cycling conditions in petrochemical, oil and gas, process, chemical and power plant industries, especially for heat exchangers, pumps, valves and compressors.

Typical Physical Properties

SizesASME B16.21, EN1514
PressureClass 150 and 300 Lbs
Thickness2.0 –3.0 mm
Carbon content98% or 99.85%
Stainless steel corestandard 316 L, other materials*
Chemical resistancepH =  0 –14


Operation Parameters

Temperature–200°C … +500°C (in steam +550°C)
Pressure150 bar


Product Specifications

Certificates / Approvalson request
*available on request


  • excellent sealing performance, even under lower bolt loads
  • improved safety during handling and installation
  • no sticking to flanges
  • excellent thermal and chemical stability
  • does not age or become brittle


Data Sheet BPG 9451