BPG 6224


This rotary pump packing has a special braiding structure of a dense and smooth running graphite-filled PTFE yarn in combination with a strong aramid yarn and uses a silicon oil lubricant.



The product is designed for use in rotary pump applications.



1.52 g/cm³

Operation Parameters

Speed20 m/s
Temperature–50 … +280°C
pH Value1 … 13
Pressure2.5 MPa


Product Specifications

MediaHot water, alkalis, organic solvents, salt solutions, hydrocarbons, oils, greases, medium concen­trated acids


  • Robust and wear resistant
  • Dry running is possible for short time
  • Strong aramid yarn provides high resistance against abrasive media
  • Anti-extrusion stability against high pressure
  • PTFE / graphite yarn provides smooth running and low wear


Data Sheet BPG 6224

Installation Instructions

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