BPG 7000


This extruded packing is made of PTFE graphite compound.


The product is designed for use in rotary pump and valve applications.


1.80 g/cm³

Operation Parameters

Speed6 m/s (Rotary pump)
2 m/s (Valve)
Temperature–30 … +250°C
pH Value0 … 14
Pressure2.5 MPa (Rotary pump)
16 MPa (Valve*)

Product Specifications

MediaAlkalis, solvents, alcohols, ketones, esters, oils, acids**, hot water, boiler lye, brine, ammonia.

*Installation with anti-extrusion rings
**Exceptions: strongly oxidising acids


  • Very high density

  • Both pliable and volumetrically stable

  • Self-lubricating

  • Resistant to gas permeation

  • Easy installation and long service life

  • Ideal for sealing abrasive media

  • Can run “dry” in some applications


  • Data Sheet BPG 7000

  • Installation Instructions

  • Technical Information