BPG 9470F


Kammprofile gaskets are manufactured of a solid corrugated metal core covered by a soft sealing material on both sides. Kammprofile gaskets give exceptional sealing performance and very high reliability even at low minimum surface compression. Several soft sealing materials (Graphite 98 % or 99.85 %, PTFE) can be supplied as well as different steel material grades.



Kammprofile gaskets can be used in flange connections, heat exchangers, pipe connections, manholes, covers or other applications. BPG 9470 has been used very successfully in all areas of industry, especially chemical and petrochemical industries, power plants, process industries, oil and gas industries

Operation Parameters

FillerTemperaturePressureph Value
Graphite*–200°C … +550°C40 MPa0 … 14
PTFE–200°C … +280°C40 MPa0 … 14


Product Specifications

Standards**ASME B16.20, DIN EN 1514-6, DIN EN 12560-6
Certificates / ApprovalsTA-Luft (VDI 2440)
MaterialsCarbon Steel, 304, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321, Monel
*Purity 98 % or 99.85 %
**We also can manufacture Kammprofile Gaskets according to customer specification


  • Very solid gasket, easy to handle
  • High reliability, easy installation
  • Special serrated design
  • Stability and sealability under frequent temperature and pressure cycles
  • Covering a very wide seating stress range
  • Different material combinations available
  • Excellent chemical and temperature resistance


Kammprofil Gasket


Data Sheet BPG 9470F