Luxi Xia

Manager Applications Engineering and Projects at Burgmann Packings

Today, the revolution of renewable energies confronts sealing technologies with major challenges. For example the application in solar thermal power stations.”

What’s your professional background?

I gained my Bachelor of Science Degree as well as my engineer title with University of Applied Science Weihenstephan-Triesdorf in Renewable Energy Management and then my Master of Science Degree with Technical University Munich in area of Energy Technology and Renewable Resources.

How did you come in contact with the Sealing Technology industry?

After my graduation last year, I looked for a job in an international company to start my career. On the job platform – Sinojob, the opening in the Burgmann Packings Group caught my attention at the very beginning. I came across the key word “stuffing box packing” during my curriculum of Engineering (Verfahrenstechnik). At that moment I thought maybe it would be the chance to learn more about it in the real world. Actually you cannot find a lot of information about sealing technology in university, despite the fact that this technology is an essential part of almost all segments of the industry. I am interested in energy technology and the energy segment in particular. This industry is one of the biggest end users of sealing technology products. Today, the revolution of renewable energies confronts sealing technologies with major challenges. For example the application in solar thermal power stations. I am so curious about the latest developments in all areas of renewable energies as well. In Burgmann Packings I will always be in touch with the development of Best Available Technique (BAT) solutions for this branch. For example, we’re providing high-end molten salt sealing solutions already. This is exciting for me.

What were your main tasks during your first months at Burgmann Packings?

Last year I have worked as Strategic Projects Manager. This year I joined our engineering team and support our R&D activities as well.

What makes the Sealing Technology industry attractive for you?

I’ve always been interested in engineering and chemistry. Sealing technology needs to meet the physical and chemical requirements of special applications. I had a semester “instrumental analytics” and I am fascinated about the analytic technologies used in our laboratories. Those analytic technologies will be used to find the most suitable sealing product for a special application. To follow up the lab-tests is really cool and maybe in the near future I would have a chance to have a try in our lab by myself.

What made you join Burgmann Packings then?

Burgmann Packings is a privately owned company with manufacturing sites in Turkey, Ireland and China. As I was born and raised in China it was a great opportunity to work in Germany and support the activities of Burgmann Packings also there. Bringing in intercultural skills and being able to bridge language barriers opened opportunities quite rapidly for me as the company provided opportunities for personal development and a broad variety of tasks, which go way beyond job descriptions in larger corporations. I’m always reflecting on that fact when I discuss the career paths of my friends and former room mates.

Luxi Xia holds a B.Sc. in Renewable Energy Management and a M.Sc. in Energy Technology and Renewable Resources.