Cutting Edge Sealing Solutions

We have invented the mechanically braided, self-lubricating packing in 1884. Since then we have built a legacy of pacesetting innovations, uncompromising quality and tailored solutions for our global customers.

Burgmann Packings runs two state-of the art Research & Development facilities in Istanbul, Turkey and Cixi, China. Both facilities are equipped with the latest Low Emission testing equipment and a variety of test rigs to conduct physical and chemical tests covering the most challenging global industry standards and customer specifications.


Kammprofile gaskets

Kammprofile gaskets are made of serrated metal carrier which is covered by soft sealing material like graphite or PTFE on both sides and can be used at an extremely low surface compression thanks to its design. It can be used as reliable high-performance gasket in flange connections, heat exchangers, manholes, covers or many other applications and can cover even fluctuating pressures and temperature cycles. Round or oval shaped serrated gaskets combined with different metal and covering layer material guarantee outstanding sealing performance. Of course, KAM gaskets fulfill the latest Fugitive Emission standards. 




Burgmann Packings Fugitive Emission Control (FEC) products meet and exceed global Low Emission regulations. With decades of experience in Low-E sealing solutions our Engineering teams are working with customers globally to find the best available solutions for their individual applications and sealing challenges. We take responsibility and are committed to contribute with our mostly invisible products to a cleaner and safer environment globally. We collaborate with universities and play an active role in developing standards and regulations. Burgmann Packings is an active member of the China Sealing Association and the European Sealing Association and its staff holds positions incl. divisional leader- and chairmanship.