FEC–Fugitive Emission Control

The next level of low emission gaskets and packings from Burgmann Packings represent uncompromising quality, durability and are designed to minimize harmful emissions in industrial applications.


Burgmann Packings FEC products for flanged connections or valve stems are available tailor-made to customer specific specifications and dimensions or in compliance with international standards. Available from stock or with short-lead times to ensure true supply chain peace of mind.


A refinery. 70,000 flanged connections. 5,000 valves. 75,000 opportunities to reduce emissions and to actively contribute to save our planet. With products, which are hidden in valves or mounted in endless pipelines. FEC products make sure that the process media stays where it should: inside the process plant. Period.

Invisible Performance

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One of our flagship products in the FEC range is BPG 7290. This packing is based on braided end rings of expanded pure graphite reinforced with carbon yarn corners (1). It has high density expanded graphite disks with permeation barrier (2) and uniquely impregnated high density expanded graphite adapter rings (3) and low density expanded graphite sealing ring with special friction reducing coating (4).

Testing with the best

Detail of packing braids

Our FEC performance products are co-engineered with leading international valve manufacturers and end-users. Developed by our international team of Engineers and put to the acid test before the products are launched. Thousands of cycles and certified by the leading testing third party labs and institutes.


Fugitive Emission Brochure

Fugitive Emission Standards