BPG 6350


This packing has a carbon yarn core and is concentrically over braided with a dense PTFE yarn sleeve. In addition it contains a special impregnation to enhance the cross-sectional density of the packing



This product is designed for the use in fugitive emission on/off and control valves. It is flexible and retains sufficient gland pressure even after serval temperature cycles without retightening. Ideal for ISO 15848 qualification.

Operation Parameters

Speed2 m/s
Temperature–100°C … +280°C
pH Value0 … 14
Pressure30 MPa        


Product Specifications

MediaHot water, alkalis, organic solvents, gases, oils, greases, medium concentration acids and lyes. Expeptions: strongly oxidising acids such as sulphuric and nitric acid in high concentrations.
Certificates / ApprovalsTA-Luft, ISO 15848


  • Very low leakage rates
  • Stays flexible even after temperature cycles
  • Good pressure and extrusion resistance
  • Low friction
  • Heasy handling


Data Sheet BPG 6350