BPG 7200


This packing is made from high grade impregnated non-woven materials. The rings consist of aramid non-woven fibers with a special PTFE impregnation and are suitable for Low Emission applications.



The product is designed for use in valve applications.

Operation Parameters

Speed2 m/s
Temperature–200 … +280°C
pH Value0 … 14
Pressure25 MPa


Product Specifications

MediaMost chemicals* (solvents, hydrocarbons, acids, lyes), alcohols, water, oils etc.
Certificates / ApprovalsTA-Luft, ISO 15848
*Exceptions: highly concentrated acids and lyes, fluorine and some fluorine compounds


  • Extremely low leakage rate
  • High cross sectional density and stability
  • Excellent low friction properties 
  • Suitable for applications which require high cleanliness


Data Sheet BPG 7200

Fugitive Emission Standards

Installation Instructions

Technical Information