BPG 6565


This packing is braided from pure expanded graphite yarn.


The product is designed for use in rotary pump and valve applications.


1.20 g/cm³

Operation Parameters

Speed2 m/s (Valve)
25 m/s (Rotary pump)
Temperature–200°C … +450°C (most media)
–200°C … +650°C (steam)
pH Value0 … 14
Pressure25 MPa (Valve)
2.5 MPa (Rotary pump)

Product Specifications

MediaHot water, steam, gases, oils, acids* and alkalis.
VariationsBPG 6569** – with Inconel reinforcement and corrosion inhibitor suitable for valve applications.

*Exceptions: strongly oxidising acids like sulphuric acid and nitric acid in high concentrations
**API 589 Fire Safe approval


  • High temperature and chemical resistance

  • Excellent sealing effect and constant elasticity

  • Dense and resilient

  • Ideal for quick repair service


  • Data Sheet BPG 6565

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